Why People Are Suffering From Cancer?

Cancer is a complex group of over 100 different types of cancer. Cancer can affect just about every organ in the human body. Today, millions of people are living with cancer or have had cancer. Why people are suffering from cancer? We can say something about this.

1. Why people have cancers?

Now Scientists think that viruses, fungi, ray, carcinogenic chemical agent are carcinogenic substances that result in normal cells canceration.

Under normal circumstances, the metabolism of human cells to make them into the excretion of waste, and be discharged extracorporeal, but in the biological transformation of some enzyme, they can directly cause a genetic material DNA mutations in cell, become cancer cell. Cancer cells will then quickly split by multiple geometric reproduction, a change of two, two variants of four cancer…… ultimately form clumps. When it into a clinical reviewer can see the cancer, although the head who begins to only have a match is so big, already contain many cancer cells.

2. Are Cancer and tumour the same?

People often confuse the tumor and cancer that the cancer is the tumor, the tumor is cancer. Strictly speaking, cancer and tumors are different, cancer is a malignant tumor.

Benign tumor general slow-growing, will stop some growths to certain time growing, like the melanin lump (i.e. black mole), mostly will not affect people’s life, after the surgery excises, generally will not recur. But the minority benign tumor transforms gradually under the controlled condition into the malignant tumor, therefore should treat early. Malignant tumor, is also the cancer, it grows rapidly, the infringement peritonsillar tissue, has the formidable destructiveness, even causes the death.

3. Can the cancer piece die away?

The cancer block becomes by the cancer cell accumulation, the biological characteristics of cancer cells that cancer is difficult to curb the behavior, that is, difficult to reverse the normal cells. However, there are individual cases of the disappearance of natural reported. Such as malignant melanoma, the natural disappearance of the probability is very small.

4. Why the cancer will proliferate the shift rapidly?

Cancer cell reproduction speed, due to a sharp increase in the number, no less than the original space to accommodate so many cells, the tumor cells on the verge of being “crowded” into the surrounding organizations.

5. Who is vulnerable to cancer?

In general, people in high-risk groups are most vulnerable to cancers. For example, bad eating habits, smoking, alcoholism, constipation, pressure, not the law of life, family history of cancer, etc.