Why People Have to Reduce Sweating

Sweating is a normal phenomenon in our body. Actually, sweating is something that is wanted when you are in a hot environment. It release the excess heat absorbed by our body, thus, it balances your body’s core temperature. If you are not sweating even in a hot environment, most likely you are having a medical problem, and this is quite dangerous as you may suffer from heat stroke or other complications. When does sweating become a medical condition? It is when you are sweating more than normal., when you perspire a lot even in a humid environment. Thus, the medical term hyperhidrosis.

Sweating can be anywhere in our body, but it is more prominent in areas such as face, palms, underarms and feet. When there is excessive sweating, the patient exhibits either facial, palmar, axillary, plantar hyperhidrosis or they could have a combination of those. These area are mostly affected because this is where sweat glands are more active. Is this a major threat in our health? Why do we have to reduce sweating if it becomes excessive?

A popular saying explains this: Too much is too much. And truly, too much sweating is too much to take. It could affect not just affect your health, but also your quality of life. As a matter of fact, many people are suffering from this condition, but they are belittling the effects it may cause them.

Sweat contains urea (which is a waste product form our kidneys), fatty acids, and salt. When you sweat, it is good that you excrete these waste products, but if you sweat too much, you might be excreting too much salt in your body. This could lead to dehydration because the release of your salts may also deplete the water content of your body. In hyperhidrosis, this is less likely to happen, as facial, palmar, axillary and plantar do not excrete too much sweat that will lead to dehydration. Dehydration is most likely seen in excessive sweating of your whole body. Another thing about sweating and health, excessive sweating keeps our skin folds  wet all the times, making it moist and harboring microorganism like fungi. This will cause dermatological problems as well.

Excessive sweating also affects, and more prominently, our quality of life. Often, sufferers experience a decrease in their self-esteem as having these hyperhidrosis affects their social life. Sweaty face can be socially embarrassing, as this is the most obvious part of our body.

A sweaty palm affects us not only socially, but occupationally as well. Sufferers may have a hard time writing as they are most likely to soil the paper. They are also having a hard time holding onto things as it may just slip in their grasp. Having axillary and plantar hyperhidrosis gives off a smelly odor, which is socially embarrassing as well.

These are just a few things why we have to reduce sweating whenever it is excessive. Excessive is too much and too much is too much.