One Up Tablet Review: Not a Recommendable Solution to ED Problems

Brand: One Up Tablet

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Bindlysh Biotech Ltd

Country of Manufacture: India

One Up Tablet Image

Review and Description

One Up Tablet is another Sildenafil Citrate brand produced in India meant to treat erectile dysfunction, which has become a real bolt from the blue for older men. No one seems to be impervious to this condition. There are enough reasons for you not to be discouraged anyway as the discoveries in the field of erectile neuropsychology have led to the production of new drugs by different pharmaceutical groups worldwide for the treatment of ED.

ED is a man’s inability to get or maintain an erection during a sexual act. Though it can occur at any age, most affected patients are already in their 50s. We can attribute several factors to this condition. It could be physical, emotional, or psychological. Thus, several approaches have been tried to cure the ailment, but drug therapy remains to be the most popular one.

More people who have tried popular brands like Viagra and Cialis are hoping to have the same desired results with One Up Tablet. People should know that there is a specific process that this medication does to be successful in improving a man’s sexual health or life. This brand makes use of the active ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate, which acts similarly to other drugs. It blocks phosphodiesterase type 5 to get more blood to flow into the penile area. If successful, erection would then be easy and long.

One of the countless companies manufacturing ED drugs in India is Bindlysh Biotech Ltd. Unfortunately, I was not able to find an active site for this company. I have tried looking for reviews from other independent platforms, but I was not successful either. Sadly, no information is available on the web about the producer of One Up Tablet is available online.

Customer Reviews

Among the very first things, you need to do when buying a medicine is to review feedback or comments from first-hand users. Obviously, the more positive reviews a drug has, the better it will be for you. Unfortunately, this Indian based product has no reviews available online. Nothing can be read about its effects and availability. We cannot even find a track for its manufacturer, Bindlysh Biotech Ltd. All we know is that this enterprise is based in India. You will want to think twice about doing business with this company, as they failed to establish their credibility online. Even if generally speaking, Sildenafil Citrate drugs work well among ED patients; different manufacturers use other ingredients to complete their formulation. You should not risk your overall health by trying out a pill that is not even popular and well tested. Due to lack of reviews and information about its producer, it is highly recommended that you consider alternatives that have long been available and with positive reviews.

Pricing and Dosage

One Up Tablet is believed to be available only in one dosage strength, 100mg. This is the maximum allowable dose per day. It comes in a pack of 4. A lot of people are being tempted to try this pill as it is very cheap compared to other popular brands. Each tablet costs a mere $0.46.

This drug may not be suitable for males trying on their initial ED treatment

This drug may not be suitable for males trying on their initial ED treatment. Most are being prescribed with lower doses like 25 mg and 50 mg. For better results, it is best to consult a specialist. Avoid taking more than you are prescribed to possible avoid serious side effects.

How to Buy One Up Tablet Online

One Up Tablet is not available for international purchasing. We cannot even locate its manufacturer’s page to place orders. It looks like this brand is only being offered locally in India. This, however, limits their opportunity to become well known across countries to get better sales.

As there are no reviews available for this product online and the drug is hard to get hold even just a few pieces of it, patients are then being advised to look for alternatives. Fildena, which is available in different dosages, is becoming more popular online because of the good feedback it has acquired and its cost. You can get it in a pack of 25 mg, 50 mg, or 100 mg tablets. The more tablets you purchase, the more savings you get.

The lowest price available for Fildena is $2.00 per tablet if you would purchase it in bulk.

Please see the following links to place your order:

How to Use

Sildenafil drugs are oral medications that can be consumed with or without food. Take it as a whole with copious amounts of water. Absorption is faster when meds containing Sildenafil are taken without food. Never drink alcohol if you are scheduled to take Sildenafil Citrate since it will impede absorption. To benefit from One Up faster, take the drug 60 minutes before intercourse. Never take more than one dose in a day

Store the drug in a cool, dry place. Keep it away from pets and children.

Side Effects

Majority of men using Sildenafil-based impotence treatments are bound to experience slight side reactions like a headache, dizziness, flushing, stomach discomfort, and back pain. But all of these are well tolerable and would not require medications. Nevertheless, consult your doctors these last for more than 2 days.

Painful intercourse and a prolonged, painful erection are also red flags–if any of these occur, consult your urologist.

Conclusion with Rating

One Up Tablet is expected to improve ED in men by improving the body’s natural erectile process and signals. Every ED patient is hoping to discover a fast acting, effective, and cheap remedy. However, safety is still the most crucial factor that you need to consider when purchasing medicine. This specific Indian brand does not have any review available online. It isn’t widely available for online purchasing, especially in the international market. There is no profile available for its manufacturer as well. All we know is that it uses the active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate and it is being sold cheap in the local market. There is nothing we can check to validate its effectiveness. Because of these reasons, we can barely trust this brand. I would give One Up Tablet a low score of 1/5. Until there are enough reviews about this pill and its maker, it is best that you try other well-established brands.